Flow sensor with 3/4 inch pipe thread fittings compatible with H2OPro smart sprinkler timer
H2OPro-Flow Meter (2-wire)
H2OPro-Flow Add-On Sensor with 3/4" NPT

H2OPro-Flow Add-On Sensor with 3/4" NPT

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The H2OPro-Flow sensor (model HA-1032) accurately measures real-time water flow and enhances the capabilities of the H2OPro Smart Sprinkler Timer to monitor and track actual water use and cost, detect leaks or clogged irrigation lines and receive alerts and monthly water usage reports. Use 1 to 8 H2OPro-Flow sensors depending on irrigation system layout. Amazon 
  • Model: HA-1032
  • Only compatible with H2OPro Smart Sprinkler Timers (HA-1035 and HA-1060-8)
  • Pipe thread, 3/4 inch NPT Male (see product images for details)
  • Fits standard US PVC fittings
  • Flow: 0.25 - 16 Gal/min (1 to 60 L/min)
  • Water use only
  • Waterproof connectors (qty = 2)
  • Quick start guide

 H2OPro-Flow mete data sheet