Check your local Water Utility for WaterSense Rebates on the H2OPro Smart Sprinkler Timer

Smart Sprinkler Timer with Leak Detection

Connect anywhere, anytime with internet access

H2OPro is more than just a Smart Sprinkler Timer.

EPA WaterSense Certified

H2OPro auto adjusts watering based on your local weather, plants and soil

Tracks Real-Time Water Use For Each Zone in Your Yard

H2OPro e-mails a monthly, weekly or daily water usage report

Detects Water Leaks

H2OPro can auto shut-off any zone when a water leak is detected

Detects Low Water Flow

H2OPro sends e-mail alerts when leaks or low water flow are detected

Manage Using Your Smartphone

H2OPro Smart Sprinkler Timer iOS and Android Apps

EPA WaterSense Certified

Add-On Flow Sensors

H2OPro Smart Sprinkler Timer iOS and Android Apps

Add-on Flow Sensors Available

Detect leaks, low flow or damaged valves and track water usage by zone

How It Works

H2OPro-Flow Meter (HA-1032) measures water flow

Real-Time Water Flow

H2OPro tracks your actual water flow using H2OPro-Flow sensors which precisely measure flow to within +/- 10%.

H2OPro-Flow Meter simple installation

Simple Installation

The H2OPro-Flow Sensors have 3/4" NPT fittings which are compatible with standard irrigation system water lines. The flow sensors connect directly to your valve control wires so no need for batteries or additional wiring.

H2OPro-Flow Meter valve configuration

Flexible Configurations

H2OPro can manage as many as 8 watering zones so you can install between 1 and 8 flow sensors depending on the design of your irrigation system. Flow sensors can be installed after each valve or before a manifold with multiple valves. The advantage to installing one flow sensor after each valve is that this allows the H2OPro controller to detect if a specific valve is faulty. But no matter whether you install 1 or 8 flow sensors, H2OPro can still perform water flow measurements independently for each zone and alert you to leaky or clogged water lines. 

H2OPro Smart Sprinkler Controller auto detects H2OPro-Flow Meter configuration

Smart Detection

H2OPro-Flow sensors can be connected to the control wiring for any nearest valve or directly to any H2OPro sprinkler timer zone terminal which greatly simplifies installation. H2OPro will then auto detect where you have installed the flow sensors and track the water use for each zone.

About H2OPro

How we use water

Why Does It Matter?

Water is one of the most precious resources on the planet. Yet, we waste millions of gallons every year. A typical homeowner with irrigation can use more water irrigating their yard than all other uses in the home. Unfortunately, a lot of this irrigation water is needlessly wasted due to leaking sprinkler lines, broken valves, or over-watering.

H2OPro Company Mission

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide products which solve real problems and help the environment at the same time by making your home run more efficiently. The H2OPro system was designed to give home owners the tools needed to save both water and money. Most consumers don't realize how much water and money they are wasting when irrigating their yards because traditional sprinkler timers do not measure actual water flow. The H2OPro system tracks your actual water use and alerts you when your irrigation system is not operating properly. H2OPro does the work for you and makes managing your sprinkler system easy so that you can save water, money and time while helping the environment.



System Includes:

H2OPro Smart Sprinkler Timer

15VDC AC/DC Wall Mount Adapter

Wall Mounting Hardware

Quick Start Guide


Controls up to 8 Zones plus Master Control Valve

WiFi: 804.11 b/g/n, 2.4GHz

Compatible with standard 24VAC and 12-24VDC Solenoid Valves

Compatible with H2OPro-Flow Sensors (HA-1032)

1 Year Warranty on H2OPro Smart Sprinkler Timer

Optional Accessories:

H2OPro-Flow Sensors (HA-1032) for tracking water use, detecting leaks or low flow, receiving e-mails alerts and monthly water use reports

1 year warranty on Flow Sensors

Use 1 to 8 Flow Sensors depending on specific irrigation system layout. Simplest option is to install 1 Flow Sensor at main input

System Requirements:

Power: 120V/60Hz

WiFi Router: 2.4GHz, 804.11 b/g/n

Weather monitoring feature requires Internet access but H2OPro Smart Sprinkler Timer will operate without internet

Smartphone with iOS 9.2 or higher, Android 4.3 or higher